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Company History

Our predecessor was Tokyo Uoichiba Co., Ltd., which was established at the same time as the opening of Tsukiji Market in 1935 (Showa 10). This company became a statutory company in accordance with the wartime statutory company ordinance. After World War Ⅱ when this law was abolished, the company name was changed to Tokyo Suisanbutsu Co., Ltd. Although it was designated one of the closed organizations as a former statutory seafood company, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries issued a reorganization order because of the importance of its public operations, and in March 1948 (Showa 23), Tohto Suisan Co., Ltd., was established with 7 million yen in capital as a predominate company that inherited the operations, directors, and employees of the former company.

February 1935
(Showa 10)
Tsukiji Fish Market Opened


Complete view at opening time


Freight car lead-in rail


In front of the main gate at opening time

June 1935
Showa 10)
Tokyo Uoichiba Co., Ltd. Establishedhistory_new01
April 1948
(Showa 23)
Tohto Suisan Co., Ltd. Established
April 1948
(Showa 23)
Began operations as Tohto Suisan Co., Ltd., a consignee agent for fresh seafood and processed marine products
April 1950
(Showa 25)
Because of the elimination of marine products controls, the company was licensed as a wholesaler of marine products
March 1954
(Showa 29)
history_dCompleted construction of the Tokyo Freezing Plant
October 1955
(Showa 30)
Stock offering on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Over-the-counter transactions)
August 1956
(Showa 31)
Completed construction of the Kushiro Minatomachi Freezing Planthistory_a
September 1956
(Showa 31)
Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
November 1962
(Showa 37)
Completed construction of the Tohtosui Building
October 1966
(Showa 41)
Increased capital to 1,000 million yen
March 1967
(Showa 42)
Established Toyomi Tohto Suisan Reizo Co., Ltd.history_e
October 1968
(Showa 43)
Established Saitamaken Suisanbutsu Oroshiuri-ichiba Co., Ltd.
July 1969
(Showa 44)
Established Kushiro Tohsuireitoh Co., Ltd.
December 1969
(Showa 44)
Established Saitamaken Uoichiba Co., Ltd.
October 1971
Start of Operations at Saitamaken Suisanbutsu Oroshiuri-ichiba Co., Ltd.
October 1971
Start of Operations at Saitamaken Uoichiba Co., Ltd.
August 1973
(Showa 48)
Capital tie-up with Chiba Gyorui Co., Ltd.
May 1974
(Showa 49)
Construction completed for the Marine Transport Freezing Plant at Kushiro Tohsuireitoh Co., Ltd.
March 1978
(Showa 53)
Increased capital to 1,600 million yen
June 1978
(Showa 53)
Established Aero Trading Co., Ltd.
April 1979
(Showa 54)
Issued shares at market value and increased capital to 1,680 million yen
March 1986
(Showa 61)
Increased capital to 2,376 million yen
May 1990
(Heisei 2)
Established Sunny View Enterprise Ltd.
October 1992
(Heisei 4)
Established Kawagoe Suisanshijo Co., Ltd.
May 1993
(Heisei 5)
Kawagoe Market opened and began operations at Kawagoe Suisanshijo Co., Ltd.
April 2002
(Heisei 14)
Merged Saitamaken Suisanbutsu Oroshiuri-ichiba Co., Ltd. and Saitamaken Uoichiba Co., Ltd.
November 2007
(Heisei 19)
Established Tohsui Foods Co., Ltd.
March 2018
(Heisei 30)
history05Completed construction of the new Logistics Center at Saitamaken Uoichiba Co., Ltd.


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