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Tuna Fish Department

The king of all fish-tuna. You can see the power of our Tuna Fish Department explode during the energetic tuna auctions.

This department collects and sells many different types of tuna ranging from Pacific bluefin tuna, said to be the highest quality, to yellowfin tuna and swordfish. Fresh tuna that is maintained in a fresh state and frozen tuna that is instantly frozen at sea are brought in not just from different regions of Japan, but also from overseas. As restrictions on catch volume increase, we must strive to meet demand while protecting the resources.

Main products
Fresh and frozen tuna
*Pacific bluefin tuna, southern bluefin tuna, bigeye tuna, ahi tuna, swordfish

Fresh Fish Department

Maintaining freshness is key. We have the technology and expertise to deftly handle a variety of fish.

This department handles fresh and farmed fish from the ocean around Hokkaido to Kyushu, Japan, and imported from countries around the globe. The types of fish vary, and with the development of farming technology in recent years, there has been an increase in good quality farmed fish. We also pay extremely careful attention to maintaining freshness.

Main products
Fresh fish: Sea bream, sole, horse mackerel, mackerel, squid, sardine, octopus, bonito, yellowtail, red bream, autumn salmon, middle-sized amberjack, Spanish mackerel, Flounder, Pacific saury, crab, cod, and other fishes
Farmed fish: Sea bream, amberjack, great amberjack, salmon, sole, and other fishes

Sushi Topping Item & Luxury Seafood Department

The main products are gourmet fish items. Requires seasoned skill to determine quality and deep knowledge of products.

This department handles gourmet fish such as sea urchin and abalone that you see lining the display cases of sushi counters and restaurants. With the increase in demand from the rising popularity of gourmet food, there has also been an increase in imports from overseas.

Main products
Gourmet fish for professional use: Blowfish, sea bream, sole, sea urchin, shrimp, crab, and other fishes
Shellfish: Oysters, abalone, razor clam, gaper clam, ark shell, surf clam, and other fishes
Live fish: Sea bream, sole, amberjack, yellowtail, and other fishes

Processed Products Department

A wide range of items that enrich the dinner table such as dried fish, fish pastes, and preserved fish.

The types of processed products handled by the Processed Products Department vary and include preserved fish positioned between fresh fish and processed items, such as open and dried Pacific saury and horse mackerel, as well as dried fish such as whitebait and dried sardine, fish paste such as kamaboko (boiled fish paste), and ingredients for Oden (Japanese hot pot), in addition to other fish such as grilled eel. To handle this wide range of products, we use our extensive knowledge of all products and a flexible marketing style to provide intermediate wholesalers and buyers and sellers of fish with the products they want.

Main products
Processed items: Kamaboko (boiled fish paste), Chikuwa (tube-shaped fish cake), deli items, and other products
Preserved fish: Eel, dried fish (horse mackerel, Pacific saury, barracuda, squid, mackerel), and other fishes
Dried fish: The young of sardine, dried sardine, dried squid, wakame seaweed, smelt, and other fishes

Frozen and Salted Fish Department

Collecting products from frozen items to traditional salt-cured products from around the world.

A wide variety of fish and seafood including salmon, trout, and fish roe, such as cod and salmon roe that are often seen on the dinner table, are collected and sold frozen. The sources come from a vast area, ranging from the seas near Japan to countries around the globe. Utilizing advanced freezing technology, we contribute significantly to the stable supply of these products.

Main products
Frozen products: Salmon, trout, sablefish (gindara), red fish (akauo), mackerel, shrimp, crab, squid, octopus, and other fishes
Salt cured products: Salmon, trout, dried herring (migaki nishin), herring roe (kazunoko), salmon roe (ikura), cod roe (tarako), salmon roe sac (sujiko), and other products

International Business Department

From the World’s Oceans to Japan, Sharing Japan’s Fish with the World.

This department imports fish procured from fishing grounds around the globe and then sells fish products to provide consumers with authentic food developed from our expertise in purchasing seafood. The department also conducts export sales by matching the demand from the global sushi boom and the ever-growing fishery business.


Sales Promotion Division In April 2017, it was integrated into the Processed Products Department.

Promoting products that fit the season and trends.

This department supplies products and conducts promotions for supermarkets and mass retailers of marine products in accordance with the seasons and trends for marine products from Japan and around the world. The department also supplies products to the mail order business that operates through TV and radio shopping and magazines.


Support Section

Support for our frontline sales team as they focus on improving service.

In the wholesale industry, which maintains the traditional way of doing business, Tohto Suisan promotes the use of information technology in the management of buying and selling in all aspects of the sales chain. You can see this in the results of the Calculation Department, which manages all the data; the Computerization Department, which improves the efficiency of operations by using the Internet; and the General Affairs Department, which supports the work and lifestyle of each employee. In addition to the frontline marketing staff, our support staff also contribute to providing service to our customers.

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